Human health and individual influence factors (research on the results of doctor survey)

  • J.L. Hrzhybovskyj The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv. Ukrainian Institute of Strategic Studies, Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • I.S. Myronyuk National University in Uzhhorod
  • O.V. Lyubinets The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv
Keywords: determinants, health, interviews, health organizers, Ukraine


Aim. The aim is to investigate the opinion of health care workers on the impact on the health of the population of individual level determinants.

Materials and Methods.For the study, 391 respondents were interviewed. Bibliosemantic method, as well as  two types of methods of statistical analysis were used: a description of the study and explanation of the facts obtained (establishing links between the types of answers to the survey questions and assessment of these links). The obtained results were compared by the xi-square method.

Results and Discussion. It was found that 86,70±1,72% of the healthcare organizers estimated the level of medical care of the population of Ukraine as "low". According to the definition of respondents, the state of health of the inhabitants in the first place isinfluenced by such individual level determinants as "cultural", "biological" and "economic". In determining the specific factors, the health of the population of Ukraine isstrongly affected by drug addiction, tobacco use and a "lifestyle"social determinant , estimated by the respondents, respectively, at 4.63±0.04, 4.46±0.04 and 4.47±0.04 points.

Conclusions. The conduct of the survey is a good step towards raising the level of knowledge of respondents on a number of issues, in our case - on the issue of assessment of the impact of individual determinants on the health of the population. Determinants' research provides the opportunity to create conditions for the formation of modern standards of healthy lifestyle, which involves the interest of the population in the careful attitude to their health, including abandoning bad habits and improving the living environment.


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