On the general number of diseases and the rating indicators of their structure and prevalence among the population of the independent Ukraine

  • V.V. Ruden` The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv
  • V.I. Diachyschyn The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv
  • R.G. Protsyuk The O.O. Bogomolets Ukraine National Medical University
Keywords: Ukraine, population, age, diseases, structure, prevalence of diseases, tendencies, rating


Aim. Scientific analysis of the number of diseases and indicators of the prevalence of morbidity among the population of Ukraine for the period of 1993-2017 and justification of tendencies of their development.

Material and Methods. An epidemiological cross-sectional continuous scientific study was carried out, using statistical data of the Center for Medical Statistics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the State Statistics Service of Ukraine with of retrospective, statistical, abstract and graphical methods , as well as methods of copying, deductive awareness, structural and logical analysis, taking into  account the principles of systematicity.

Results and Discussion. The findingsof analysis convincingly testify that, despite the decrease in thenumber of population in Ukraine in 2017 (n=42414905) by -18,2% in comparison with similar data in 1993 (n=51870400), the total number of diseases for the investigated period increased by +14,1% (n=72689184), where the first three rating places, with tendencies to increase their numerical expression, among all registered diseases are consistently occupied by such classes of diseases as blood circulation system [I00-I99] (n=22447510, P=30,9%), with Тgr=+92,2% and Аgr=+10765334, and the digestive organs [K00-K93] (n=7097303, P=9,8%), where Тgr=+27,4%, with Аgr=+1524792, while the respiratory organs [J00-J99] (n=14629159, P=20,1%) are characterized by declining numbers, as evidenced by data Тdecr =-23,9% andАdecr =-4591063. A tendency is  established towards increase of the general number of diseases in 2017, which is also confirmed by the indicators of the prevalence of diseases per 100 thousand of population both of general morbidity - by 1,4 (P=171377%000), and, respectively, of theranked classes - circulatory system [I00-I99] - by 2.3 (P=52924/100000) and the digestive organs [K00-K93] - by +156,3% (Р=16666%000), whereas respiratory diseases [J00-J99] show the tendency to decline by -6,2% (P=34491%000).

Conclusions. The obtained results show the significant burden on the state of public health of the probable sustainable growth inthe total number of diseases among the population of the independent Ukraine and diseases of separate types, which serves as the basis for reviewing the content of strategic planning in the medical field of the state - the transition to practical health care from "therapeutic medicine" to a "preventive paradigm", with a focus on establishing cause-and-effect links in the occurrence / development of diseases, and, ultimately, would minimize the mechanisms for the formation of the specific pathology and its consequences in the state of public health.


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