Keywords: breast milk, SIgA, hypogalactia


The leading role associated with an anti-infective action of breast milk belongs to secretory IgA (SIgA). Therefore, the determination of the level of SIgA in colostrum and milk of mothers with different lactation levels and mothers at risk at different levels and duration of lactation has a practical interest.

Aim. The research aims at studying the dynamics of SIgA content in breast milk, taking into account risk factors and features of lactation.

Material and Methods. The content of SIgA in colostrum and breast milk of 372 mothers with full lactation and 208 with hypogalactia, of which 72 with early and 146 with late hypogalactia at different times of lactation (1-8 days and 1-3 months) was determined. The SIgA content was also studied in mothers; 65 with preeclampsia, including 12 with early hypogalactia, 24 with late hypogalactia, 23 with full lactation, and 44 with anemia of pregnancy, including 12 with early hypogalactia, 19 with late hypogalactia and 13 with full lactation. The determination of SIgA content in colostrum and milk was performed using the method of simple radial immunodiffusion in a gel by G. Mancini et al.

Results and Discussion. The SIgA concentration in colostrum and breast milk decreased during the secretion process. In early hypogalactia, the content of SIgA did not differ significantly from the level of SIgA in colostrum and breast milk with full lactation in the early neonatal period and at 1-3 months of secretion. In the late hypogalactia, SIgA content did not differ significantly from its level in the control group. Due to the lower amount of milk received by the mother's child with hypogalactia, the supply of children with SIgA is insufficient, and the deficit is higher the sooner the hypogalactia develops. Similar changes in the dynamics of SIgA content have been found in mothers with preeclampsia and at different levels of lactation. The exception was the content of SIgA in colostrum and milk of mothers with anemia of pregnancy and early hypogalactia, which in the first five days of lactation was lower than in mothers with full lactation.

Conclusion. The SIgA concentration in colostrum and breast milk decreases during the secretion process. The level of lactation does not affect the dynamics of SIgA content, except for the SIgA content in colostrum and breast milk of mothers with anemia of pregnancy and hypogalactia in the early stages of secretion. Despite the absence of a significant difference in SIgA levels in mothers with different levels of lactation due to less colostrum and milk received by children with early and late hypogalactia, the supply of SIgA is insufficient, and the cumulative deficit is higher the faster the hypogalactia develops.


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