Eco-dependent osteopenia as a manifestation of eсo-pathology in children

Keywords: children, eco-pathology, osteopenic syndrome


The research aim is to identify epigenetic factors of eco-dependent osteopenia occurrence and progression in children.

Materials and Methods. The research focuses on analyzing the medical documentation of 41 children aged between 3 and 16 from ecologically unfavorable locations (Burshtyn, Kalush, Dolyna towns) and 73 children of the same age from an ecologically friendly location (Gorodenka town) in Ivano-Frankivsk Region. The children underwent clinical examination and diagnostic instrumental studies.

Results and Discussion. We analyzed and compared the nature and incidence of complaints in children from ecologically unfavorable and ecologically friendly locations. The significant number of complaints were associated with the syndrome of general nonspecific intoxication, which was confirmed by clinical manifestation of eco-pathology. Ultrasound densitometry was used to determine bone mineral density (BMD). Blood and urine Ca levels were also measured.

Conclusions. The skeletal pathology manifested by osteopenic syndrome was diagnosed in most of examined children. This indicates a high incidence of eco-dependent osteopenia in children from ecologically unfavorable regions. The identified patterns were confirmed in the examined children by ultrasound densitometry, hypocalcemia, and hypercalciuria.


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