Legal algorithms of medical care quality control

  • I.Ya. Senyuta The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv
Keywords: quality of medical care, clinical and expert evaluation, health care, conclusion


Aim. To elucidate the mechanism of conducting medical care quality control by focusing on its key elements, and to highlight the conflicts of laws and practice advice of how to use this instrument for the human rights in patient care protection. 

Material and Methods. The systemic, structural and functional, formal and legal, and interpretation methods for the scientific study of the phenomena were applied.

Results and Discussion. The national procedure of carrying out clinical and expert evaluation of the medical care quality and medical services was analyzed; the subject's composition, the scope of the investigation, and the procedure as well as the types and powers of the clinical and expert commissions were covered. Peculiarities of providing consent to personal data processing while  considering appeals to the clinical and expert commission were characterized; enforcement of the individual's right for personal participation  in the hearing of the appeal by the commission was described. The drawbacks of the terminological framework were highlighted, in particular the definitions of the term "quality of medical care", and proposals of their improvement were provided.

Conclusion. The role and importance of the medical care quality control mechanisms was elucidated; attention was paid to the legal loopholes and possible ways to optimize the process of application and realization of the law.


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