Gastric plication efficiency at patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome

  • A.S. Lavryk DU "The O.O. Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation" NAMS Ukraine
  • K.M. Mylytsya DZ "Medical Academy of Postdiploma Education of MOH of Ukraine" in Zaporizhzhia
Keywords: obesity, gastric plication, sleeve 2, LGCP


Aim. Study the outcome of the results of a new surgical intervention aimed at reducing the weight of the patient and correction of metabolic disorders.

Material and Methods. The results of 40 gastric plications conducted in the SE "ZMAPO Ministry of Health of Ukraine." From comorbidities were identified diabetes mellitus, hypertension, ventral hernia, cholecistitis. Monitoring in the long term (from 1year to 4 years after surgery) was performed in 28 people.

Results and Discussion. There is a gradual decrease in body weight from 11.8% to 41.9% and regress comorbidities. Normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, elimination of insulin resistance was observed in all patients.

Conclusions. Thus, the results of operations of vertical gastroptyxis show that this method in patients with morbid obesity, is not complicated in technical performance, easily tolerated, it leads to a gradual reduction in mass and does not require large material costs. Superobese patients can use this operation as a preparation for bilio-pancreatic diversion.


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