Postoperative rehabilitation of patients with lateral hyperpressure of the patella syndrome

  • K.B. Pustovoit Kharkiv Medical Academy Postgraduate Education of Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • B.A. Pustovoit Kharkiv State Academy of physical culture
  • I.B. Zeleneckiy Kharkiv Medical Academy Postgraduate Education of Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • V.I. Kupin Kharkiv Regional Clinical Traumatology Hospital
  • M.O. Tohtamishev Kharkiv Medical Academy Postgraduate Education of Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Keywords: lateral hyperpressure of the patella syndrome, physical rehabilitation, hyaluronic acid


Aim. To evaluate physical rehabilitation complex used after surgical treatment of patients with lateral hyperpressure of the patella syndrome in combination with "Synolis V-A" hyaluronic acid supplement treatment. 

Material and Methods. 25 patients with diagnosed grade 1-3 chondromalacia of the patella, lateral hyperpressure of hereditary disposed genesis were treated surgically. The patients were divided into two groups: 13 patients were included in the main group, and 11 in the control group. All patients underwent the same surgical intervention - reconstruction of the knee joint extensor, control of pain syndrome by the pain visual analogue scale, and measurement of the knee flexion angle. The patients received a comprehensive 4 week rehabilitation course. The patients of the main group at postoperative day 14 were injected intra-articular medication "Synolis V-A". All the data obtained were processed with mathematical statistical Dell's "StatSoft" program. 

Results and Discussion. 42 days postoperatively, and 28 days after the commencement of the complex rehabilitation, the patients of both groups underwent the second test. Test one, at the postoperative day 14, demonstrated that knee pain visual analogue scale score was 67.7±11.0 in controls and 59.8±11.1 in those of the main group. The difference of the values did not reach statistically significant level (p=0.847). Test two which was performed at the postoperative day 42 showed that the visual analogue scale pain scores reduced statistically significantly (p=0.001) in both groups. Meanwhile, on the observation day 42 the knee pains in patients of the main group 14.2±11.1 were statistically significantly (p=0.01) less than those in patients in the control group 53.6±9.2. The knee range of motions during the test one was on the average of 14.0±2.0  in both groups, after the performed rehabilitation (test two), the range of motions in the knee joint in both groups increased statistically significantly (p=0.001), but in the main group it reached the level of 102.0±3.0°, and in the control group it was statistically significantly (p = 0.001) less - of 82.0±8.0 .

Conclusions. Сomprehensive postoperative rehabilitation is essential and effective; inclusion of "Synolis V-A" medication in the rehabilitation complex is considered to be an innovation for postoperative rehabilitation in the patients with the syndrome of lateral hyperpressure of the patella.


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