Influence of nitroxoline on structure мicrobiotic vagina of rats in the chronic inhalation route

  • G.I. Yaskiv The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv
Keywords: nitroxoline, chronic inhalation action, vaginal microbiocenosis


Aim. To study the chronic inhaled effect of nitroxolin on the condition of vaginal microbiocenosis in rats.

Materials and Methods. In the experiment, 4 groups of nonlinear female rats were used, 3 experimental (10 individuals each), which were formed depending on the concentration of the compound - subliminal (5 mg/m3), threshold (5 mg/m3), superfamily (45 mg/m3) and 1 control (6 animals). To simulate the inhalation route, nitroxoline was mixed with a sterile 0,9% NaCl solution, administered 0.2 ml of animals intranasally for 30 days. Animals of the control group - 0,2 ml of 0,9% NaCl. The collection of biomaterials on a microbiological study was carried out at the first, on the 15th, 30th day of the experiment and 1 month after the drug was discontinued. Microbiological study of vagina biotope was conducted in accordance with normative documents and methodical instructions.

Results and Discussion. The dominant representatives of microbiota in the vagina of intact rats are lactobacterium bifidobacteria with a detection frequency of 100% and 75,0-100%, respectively. Frequency of cognition of opportunistic Staphylococcus spp. - 0-2,0%, Streptococcus spp. - 33,3-50,0%, Enterococcus spp. - 0-16,7%. yeast - 0-25,0%. Сhronic intranasal action of nitroxolin with threshold and super-threshold concentration of matter, starting from the 15th day of the experiment, caused a decrease in microbiota and caused the structure of changes in the middle of the community of lactic acid bacteria (a decrease of 80,0% on average, from the initial values, the specific gravity of bifidobacteria), initiated adaptive processes are associated with changes in the morphological characteristics of bacterial cells (an increase of 1,5-2,3 times in the population of lactobacillus cocobacilli with a similar decrease in the spider molds), contributed to the growth of conditionally pathogenic flora.

Conclusion. The threshold chronic action (Limсh) of nitroxolin for nonlinear rats in the inhalation route of receipt by estimating dysbiotic changes in the structure of the vagina biotope - 15 mg/m3.


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