A research of quality of medical services provision to the population of Lviv, Volyn and Rivne regions

  • О.Е. Sichkoriz The Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv
Keywords: medical services, patients, reforming the medical branch, preservation of health of the population


Aim. A comparison of indicators of quality of medical services provision to the population of Lviv, Volyn and Rivne Regions. 

Material and Methods. The research summarized the key results of the socio-psychological study "Current state of quality of provision of medical services", implemented in three regions: Lviv, Volyn, and Rivne, which was carried out by the method of a selective anonymous questionnaire survey of 1270 patients who applied for medical care in outpatient institutions of three Ukrainian cities: the city of Lviv (397 respondents), the city of Lutsk (467 respondents) and the city of  Rivne (406 respondents). The analysis of the results of the survey was conducted using the statistical method by calculating relative values and their mean error (Р±mр,%).

Results and Discussion. During the course of the work, it was found that among the population of above mentioned regions there was a significant share of individuals who did not choose a family (treating) doctor. More than one third of the surveyed were dissatisfied with the quality of medical service in medical institutions, regardless of area of residence; about one-fifth of patients financially rewarded doctors. One of the most important problems among the questioned was the inaccessibility of medications in all three regions; particularly, the absence of national analogues forced the patients to use drugs delivered from abroad. 

Conclusions. There exist certain faults in organizing the reform campaign, particularly in clarifying the reforms among the population. Special attention should be paid to the categories of working individuals in the context of reforming the medical branch that would allow implementing measures for the prevention of diseases more effectively. 


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