Efficiency of the new metabolic operation in treatment of type II diabetes mellitus

  • V.V. Grubnik National Medical University in Odessa
  • V.V. Ilyashenko National Medical University in Odessa
  • O.V. Medvedev National Medical University in Odessa
  • S.O. Usenok National Medical University in Odessa
  • M.R. Paranyak National Medical University in Odessa
  • V.V. Grubnik National Medical University in Odessa
Keywords: diabetes mellitus, bipartition, BMI


Aim. To establish the effectiveness of the surgical treatment of type II diabetes mellitus by performing tubular resection of the stomach with partial disabling of the duodenum (SG+TB).

Material and Methods. In the period from 2014 to 2018, we performed 12 surgical interventions using a simplified SG+TB procedure for patients with morbid obesity and type II diabetes mellitus. The new technique consisted primarily of tubular resection of the stomach and the imposition of one anastomosis between the stomach and the iliac intestine.

Results and Discussion. There were no complications due to surgical interventions. During a one-year follow-up, in 4 patients, the body mass index decreased from 40-50 kg/m2 to 28-33 kg/m2, in 3 patients - from the level of 50 kg/m2 to 20.5-34.0 kg/m2 and in two -from the indicators of 35 kg/m2 before surgery, to 23.5 and 26.0 kg/m2 after one year. Almost all patients had partial or complete remission of type II diabetes mellitus. The level of glucose in the blood of patients decreased from the level of 13-23 mmol / l to 4.5-8 mmol / l, and glycosylated hemoglobin - to 5.4-6.8%.

Conclusions. The modified technique of SG+TB with one gastrointestinal anastomosis is an effective surgical intervention in the treatment of type II diabetes mellitus. To confirm the feasibility of such operations, further research is required.


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